The Gift of Body Jewelry for the ones you love

...or yourself because self-love is also good...

What is Love Club?

Welcome to Love Club Gifts, where showing your love and appreciation for someone special is easy, romantic and thoughtfully done. For centuries, gifts of jewelry have been symbols and hallmarks of great love and adoration. Body jewelry is the new generation of gift giving that shows you really care. It’s jewelry that’s in you, not on you, so we take great care to bring your loved ones the finest jewelry every month, showing them just how loved they are.

How It Works

With the ever-growing love of body jewelry, folks want to gift it to those closest and special to them. But, one of the great challenges in doing so, is knowing all the proper measurements associated with a particular piercing that your loved one may have.

With our sizing guide plus locally recommended professional piercers, your special someone receives all their body jewelry they desire sized to their piercings.