Frequently Asked Questions

What Comes Inside the Package? 

Monthly a  package will arrive to your loved ones door, a beautifully crafted love letter filled with a quality made piece of body jewelry to adorn that special someone, and to remind the loves of your life that they are loved and appreciated.

How Do I know My Size? 

This is one of the toughest questions for folks trying to gift body jewelry, BUT THAT’S OK, WE GOT YA TAKEN CARE OF! You may not know the size needed to properly fit the piercing they are intended for, our sizing chart can help with this. Local professional piercers can also assist you or your loved one achieve a proper sizing and fit for that sweet new body bling.

When is the Monthly Cut Off for Subscribing? 

Your sizing and measurements must be completed with your subscription by the 15th of each month.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription? 

Email us your request to cancel and allow for a 7-10 days to process

Return Policy? 

Jewelry is not returnable and is nonrefundable. If your item is damaged upon receipt we will replace it at no cost, but jewelry that has been in a piercing is yours!

How do Gifts Work 

We've made gifting easy. Select the type of body jewelry you would like to send, then select an amount to cover a three or six month subscription. That's all! Then your loved one can select the proper size and use your gift to cover the full cost.

Can I Skip a Delivery?

Yes. To skip a shipment - log into your account, click "edit" from your listed subscription, and click the "Skip Next Shipment" button

Are you ready for Love Club Gifts?

Get a new piece of body jewelry each month for three months or six months.